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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is GoldTrade?

    As name suggest we are dealing in gold trade. Gold trading is our family business since many generations. Our management start activity in Dubai, UAE since 2010. Generally, RKV Gold Trade LLC is in gold business, apart from online gold trading. We are selling and buying bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum) bars and 24 karat jewelry.



  2. What services I get from RKV Gold Trade LLC?

    You can buy, sell, or trade in precious metal like Gold, Silver and Platinum. Easy and quick way to purchase physical gold and other precious metals from our online bullion store. The best option is to use our online platform for buying or selling gold or silver. Conventional way of visiting office/store is always open to buy, sell or for any special deal.



  3. How to buy gold or silver bars from GoldTrade?

    There are three methods:

    a) From our store: Visit our office/store for buying gold, silver or other precious metals.

    b) From our online store: Visit our online bullion store , choose one or more gold bars or silver bars of your choice, pay online or transfer money to our bank account and get delivery at your doorstep.

    c) Through Platform: Good for those who want to buy or sell on daily basis. Purchase gold on our platform at anytime from anywhere, sell it back to us or redeem it in form of bullion bar later. Booking can also be done by depositing only partial money. Pay rest of money before delivery. Doorstep delivery option is also available.



  4. What is Online Platform?

    We have state of art online platform which can be downloaded on mobile or desktop. The platform will show international spot price for gold and other precious metals. Gold price fluctuates at every movement from Monday to Friday. You can buy or sell gold, silver and other precious metals online and get benefit from this price fluctuation.



  5. Is there any need to open account to book price online?

    Yes, you need to open Live Account to book price for buying gold or other precious metals.



  6. How can I open Live Account?

    To open Live Account, either fill online Live Account registration form or download Bullion Purchase Agreement form from our download, fill it and send at cs@goldtrade.ae. Any of these process will not take more than few minutes.



  7. How can I access my Live Account?

    You can download our platform on your mobile or on desktop. After login with credentials provided by us, you will be able to access your Live Account.



  8. Is there any charge for opening a Live Account?

    Account opening is Free of charge.



  9. What is minimum amount needed to open Live Account?

    Only with $500 needed to open a Live Account.



  10. What minimum quantity I can buy from GoldTrade?

    Gold in different denomination present in our online bullion store. It ranges from 1 Gm to 1 Kg and through Online Live Account, minimum quantity will be one ounce. one ounce is equal to approximately 31.1 gm.



  11. Is there any other type of account other than Live Account?

    Yes, you can open Gold Saving Account also.



  12. What is Gold Saving Account?

    Gold Saving Account is a special account which can be open by anyone who want to convert his/her saving into gold. One can purchase gold online with small amount like AED 500 or above every month or at any time. Once gold quantity become more than one ounce, it can be redeemed in physical form.



  13. Can I sell the purchased gold or other precious metals back to GoldTrade?

    Yes, you can sell your purchased precious metals online through your bullion account, or physically if the commodity was under your custody. In both cases, we are buying back depending on the current international spot market prices.



  14. On what price I can buy or sell gold?

    Gold price are fluctuating from Monday to Friday on platform. These are international spot market rates. You can buy or sell at current international spot price (excluding commission).



  15. What is the difference between buying from the Online Bullion Store or through platform?

    On platform you can buy at different rates, hold for months, can choose band later. Also, quantity can be different than your actual physical bar. Like if you want to buy total 100 gm, you can buy 10 position of 10 gm or 5 position of 20 gm each. But at the time of delivery you can get one bar of 100 gm or 2 bars of 50 gm or similar other options.

    While on online bullion store, you need to choose exact weight or brand which you like to buy. Also need to pay full amount at the time of booking.



  16. In which currency I can fund my account?

    We can accept AED, USD, or EUR, but bank conversion charges will be applicable.



  17. What are the charges on buying and selling through platform?

    Very nominal charges will be applicable at the time of opening position. There will be no charge for closing the positions. For more details please contact at cs@goldtrade.ae



  18. How to fund Live Account or Gold Saving Account?

    There are different solutions to fund your Bullion Account:

    a) Cash Deposit at our office/store

    b) Wire Transfer into our bank accounts

    c) Bullion Deposit, you can deposit physical gold or silver bars. We purchase bullion bar on current market price and equivalent amount will be deposited on your Live Account.



  19. Can GoldTrade deliver gold outside UAE also?

    Yes, we can deliver gold bars or coins outside UAE also in not restricted countries, but courier charges will be applicable.



  20. How do I withdraw my funds? Is there any restriction? How long does it take?

    No restrictions at all. Intimate us by sending fully filled & signed withdrawal form, funds will be transferred to your registered bank account. This process may take few days in normal market conditions.



  21. How long time does it take to redeem physical bars or coins?

    It may take 2-3 working days in the normal market conditions.



  22. Which brands are available at GoldTrade? Are they certified?

    All major brands are available with us. We have wide range of well recognized global brands like PAMP, Credit Suisse and VALCAMBI along with well-known local brands like Emirates, Etihad, Nadir, etc. All bullion bars & coins are matched with the Dubai Good Delivery Standards (DGD) or the London Good Delivery Standards (LGD).



  23. How I get market update and forecast?

    All registered clients will get daily market updates and forecast on their subscribed email address. Apart from this, you can find updated news on our Gold News section or on our social media pages.