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24 Karat jewelry

Buy 24 karat gold jewelry from online storeDubai is famous for Gold jewelry business. Low price and purity attract everyone to buy jewelry from here. Dubai is cosmopolitan city, providing good tourist destination and workplace for people from almost 180 countries. Same diversity one can feel in jewelry business. Here, gold jewelry available in different designs and purity. On basis of purity, jewelries can be categorised in four types -

Which karat gold is best?

24 karat is the purest form of gold or you can say it is 100% pure gold, so the best gold. 22 karat gold contains 92% gold and 8% alloyed metals like copper or silver, similarly 21 karat gold have 87% gold and 13% alloyed metals, and 18 karat gold contains 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals.


What is karat in gold?

Karat is a old system of denoting purity and the fineness of gold by fraction of 24. It can also be spelled as Carat.
Each karat indicates 1/24th or 4.16667 percent of the whole. In 24 karat gold, 24-part (means 100%) gold and 0-part (means 0%) alloy. In 18 karat, 18 part (or 75%) is gold and 6 part (or 25%) is alloy.

Mostly 24 karat gold is available in form of bars, but some person like to have 24 karat jewelry also. Demand is low, so availability is also restricted to some selected shops only as we have in our online gold store. Sometimes it is only available on advance booking. Purest gold is soft, that's why it is not suggested to wear this type of jewelry on daily basis. Little force can alter shape and design of jewelry.


Why 24 karat jewelry?

Since 1 January 2018 Dubai government introduce 5% vat on all gold types, except 24 karat gold. Means, there is no tax on 24 karat gold in Dubai, tax will applicable only on its making charges. It is in purest form, so deductions are least at the time of sell. Most important, person can enjoy jewelry and change it frequently without losing much.