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Gold and Silver Trading

Online gold trading is a facility to buy or sell gold online through trading platform. Trading platform can be used by companies, jewellers, gold whole sellers or even by individual investors. Generally, both spot price trading and future trading are provided by many online trading companies. Jewellers generally use this facility for fixing gold price or for covering their already purchased physical gold. Spot gold trading is good for individual clients also. On every popular trading platform, gold prices are in US Dollar and gold unit is in Ounces. One ounce of gold is equal to 31.1034768 grams. To understand ounces more clearly see the below gold unit list -

Gold Units

One Ounce 31.1034768 Grams
Ten Tola (TT) (116.638038 Grams) 3.75 Ounces
One Kilogram (1,000 Grams) 32.150746 Ounces
One Tonne (1,000 Kilograms) 32,150.746 Ounces


Depending on period of time, trading can be divided in different types-

Type of Online Trading

  • Short term trading usually refers to day trading or trading that lasts up to a few weeks.
  • Medium term trading involves trades that hold for a few weeks to a few months.
  • Long term trading lasts for months and even years.

In day trading the most common types of strategies include the following-

  • Scalping
  • Arbitrage
  • Rebate Trading
  • Pattern Trading
  • Price Action Trading
  • Momentum Day Trading
  • News Trading/Playing
  • Market Making

Online trading has both merits and demerits. Before starting trading, it is good to know about these.

Advantages of Online Trading

  • Buy or sell at international spot gold price.
  • Less spread and commission.
  • No security risk of storing physical gold.
  • No need to visit broker or gold shop.
  • Trade on daily basis or on long term basis.
  • Can trade from Monday morning to Friday night.
  • Can set buy limit, sell limit or buy stop, sell stop.
  • Can set take profit or stop loss.
  • No geographical restrictions.
  • Advantage of leverage.
  • As safe as offline investment.
  • Can monitor your gold investment in real time.

Disadvantages of Online Trading

  • Requirement of Internet.
  • High risk due to high leverage.
  • Risk if not have proper knowledge.
  • High fluctuation on news.
  • Greed and fear work turn by turn.
  • Addiction in nature.
  • Can lose base investment due wrong calculation.

How to do Trading Safely?

  • Use less leverage.
  • Trade safely at time of uncertainty.
  • Take good expert advice.
  • Use stop loss to minimize losses.
  • Do not greed too much.
  • Prefer day trading.
  • Maintain sufficient margin.
  • Avoid hedging if available.

Why GoldTrade?

  • We have good advisor who can help you to trade safely.
  • Provide buying, selling, holding, and redeeming facility.
  • All positions opened on platform are backed with securely stored bullion in secure vaults.
  • Open buy position to fix price on international spot price on 23/5 basis from Monday morning to Friday night.
  • Hold the position as long as you wish.
  • Sell positions at your convenient time again on international spot price. Profit/ loss will be added or deducted from balance amount.
  • Redeem part or full quantity of gold or other precious metal on basis of their holding positions on platform.
  • Delivery at your doorstep depending on quantity and distance.

Retails customers or wholesalers can book gold with part money and can redeemed it in form of bars or coins by paying rest of the money at the time of delivery. Through Goldtrade, companies can open corporate account whereas individual customer can open individual account.

How to Redeem Gold form Online Trading Account?

Gold can be redeemed in form of bars or coins by closing all or partial buy positions. Only buy position can be used for this option. Variety of bars and coins can be choose from list available at our online bullion store. All gold bars and coins are certified and of 24 carat, with purity 999.9 or 995.

Gold Bars - All top brands available with us in minted and cast gold bars form and in almost all denominations ranging from 1gm to 1kg and from 0.5 ounce to 400 ounces. Brands available are PAMP, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, Emirates, Etihad, Nadir etc.

Gold Coins - Availability ranging from American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, to Chinese Panda.

All our products match international Good Delivery Standards and of Dubai Good Delivery Standards (DGD) or/and of London Good Delivery Standards (LGD).

For Further Information, please feel free to contact our professional team:

Email: cs@GoldTrade.ae

Trading Platform

Our state of art trading platform provide facility to buy gold from anywhere at anytime. Desktop and mobile application both are easy to use and have all latest facilities. The best part is our services associated with gold business. The platform is one of the services which help us and our customer to buy gold with zero contact policy especially in COVID and post COVID era.