• SILVER $29.19
  • GOLD $2397.52

Account Funding

Bullion account can be funded either by depositing gold or silver bar (bullion deposit) or by depositing amount in our bank account through online bank transfer or through cash deposit by ATM machine.

Bullion Deposit

Account can be funded through bullion bars (gold or silver bars). After verification of bars purity, we will calculate value of that bar or coin on spot price and the value of the commodity will be credited in your Bullion account.

Wire Transfer / Cash Deposit

Depositing cash into one of our bank accounts

Beneficiary NameR K V Gold Trade LLC
Beneficiary BankBank of Baroda, Main Branch, Dubai, UAE
Beneficiary Account No.9001 0200 032 502
IBANAE 540 1100 9001 0200 032 502

Beneficiary NameR K V Gold Trade LLC
Beneficiary BankNBQ (National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain), Dubai, UAE
Beneficiary Account No. 0086 448 669
IBANAE 240 4200 000 000 86 448 669

Please send your Bank Deposit Receipt, Fund transfer confirmation or Exchange receipt to Backoffice@GoldTrade.ae along with your Bullion Account ID, as a reference. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service through email cs@GoldTrade.ae