• SILVER $29.54
  • GOLD $2320.79

Gold Price Fixing

We are selling 24 karat Gold bars, coins and jewelry. Apart from gold we are also dealing in other precious metals like Silver and Platinum. Gold price fixing is easy with our online bullion platform.

We provides state of art online platform, fully customized for online gold trading business. Both individual customers and jewelers can use this platform to buy gold or for fixing gold price for future purchase. Customers can book gold bar(s) or 24 karat jewelry with margin money. Rest of the money can be paid at the time of delivery of gold bar(s) or jewelry.

Registration for Gold Price Fixing

Gold booking through platform requires a registration. There are two separate type of accounts, Individual Account for individual customers and Corporate Account for jewelers or any other company. To see how it work, one can open Demo Account also. To activate online registration, send scan copy of your passport, visa, emirates id and residence proof on our email. Account opening will take only few movements. Once done, user id and password will be send on your registered email. Using these credentials one can login to his/her account on platform. Price of gold ounce will appear on first screen. If not able to find gold ounce prices, add it by using '+' sign on top or call to our customer care number, we will assist you.

All prices are in dollars and quantity in ounces. One-ounce gold is equal to 31.1034768 gram gold. There will be two prices of gold ounce on screen, one is 'BID price' and other is 'ASK price'. Ask price is buying price while BID price is selling price. There are two buttons also, one is BUY and other is SELL. BUY button for buying gold and SELL button for selling. This is simple but important thing is, you can sell gold without buying it before. If you have any confusion in this process, please feel free to contact us.

Price on Platform

Price displayed on platform are international spot price in US dollar. It is fluctuating at every movement expect Saturday and Sunday and sometime movements are drastic. To get benefit from these fluctuations, platform is the best way to keep connected with market every time everywhere. Book gold at different price and redeem in form of one gold bar or many gold bars.

Suppose you want to buy 10 ounces of gold; you can fix price at one point or at more than one point. At the time of delivery all or partial buy positions need to be closed. Then redeem in form of physical gold by paying rest of money (in case of using margin money for booking gold). At the time of delivery, making charges of that particular bar or jewelry will cost extra. Full list of available denomination of gold bars can be access from our Online Gold Store.