• SILVER $28.65
  • GOLD $2390.86

Spot Gold Price Today may bounce to $1,853

February 20, 2023

Spot gold price today may bounce more to $1,853 per ounce, as it broken resistance $1,842.

The next resistance will be at $1,853, a break above which may lead to a gain to $1,867. However, the downtrend from $1,890 looks steady. It is expected to eventually extend to $1,793.

Based on this observation, the current bounce could hardly extend beyond $1,853. Instead, it may end around this level and be reversed by this subsequent drop.

A break below $1,830 could signal the continuation of the downtrend. On the daily chart, the long-shadowed doji on Feb 17 confirms a stabilization of the market around a support of #1,813.

Given that the metal has broken a resistance at $1,833, it may bounce to $1,858. The downtrend may resume upon the completion of this bounce, as a bearish flag suggests a target of $1,793.

Gold Technical Analysis 20 February 2023

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